Cooking Fresh and Seasonal – try a Community Supported Farm


This year since my garden is not producing as it has in the past, I joined a community supported farm (CSA) in the area.  The first weeks produce included fresh corn, 4 kinds of summer squash, 2 kinds of cucumbers,  eggplant,  tomatoes, honey, blueberries and fresh green beans.  Each week will be a new adventure in using locally grown produce.  This farm is not organic, but I will be looking for one next year. 

Going to pick up my box reminded me of my childhood waiting for the farm truck to drive around.  We had a local farmer that would load up his harvest weekly and drive around our town to sell his vegetables.  I remember waiting for him to come each Wednesday night so I could pick out some exotic vegetable like fresh kholrabi, beets or fresh carrots.  With my mom raising 5 kids and working she often had to serve us canned vegetables so when he came around it was a real treat.

I made fresh blueberry muffins today for our family breakfast.  Then we headed to  a local pick your own farm to pick raspberries and more blueberries.  I will share a gluten-free blueberry rhubarb crisp recipe in my next post so look for it  later this week.

2014-07-12 18.20.54

I love having fresh produce that I know was grown locally and supporting the farmers in my area. To find a CSA farm in your area – search Community Supported Agriculture using google or ask the farmers markets vendors you frequent if their farms have a CSA program.  If more of us support our local farms we may be able to have a  say in how our food is produced and limit  pesticides and genetically modified organisms in our diets. 


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