Herb of the Week – Sage

Sage is a more versatile herb than most people know.  Before I grew a sage plant that became a bush in just 2 short seasons (they are a perennial herb), I only knew of its use in poultry dishes and stuffings.  One of our favorites here, is Chicken Saltimbocca.

As my sage plant turned into a shrub, I had to find more ways to use it and preserve it.   It is very cold hardy too but if you grow a sage bush, you will have much more sage than you know what to do with at first.  For several years I harvested it before the hard freeze and stripped it from the branches and layered it on a tray to freeze.  It stored very well in zipping freezer bags.  It maintains its color but darkens just slightly.  It loses none of its piney and lemony essence. 

I added it to Chicken and dumplings to increase the flavor of the dish.   Here is a good link to an article on many uses of Sage.


There are also medicinal and spiritual uses for sage http://www.anniesremedy.com/herb_detail52.php

But please check on any instances when using sage  medicinally could be dangerous and always let your physician know if you want to add sage tinctures, teas, topicals or oils to your diet and medicine routines.   This WebMD link contains information on uses and interactions of medicinal sage:



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